Joke of the Day, 7/12/07

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An Amish family was in town to record a property deed, and the father and his young son entered the courthouse. On their way to the office, the boy noticed a new renovation, two shiny doors that slid apart and moved back together again. “What is that, father?”

“I don’t know, son. I’ve never seen it before.”

As they watched it curiously, an unattractive older woman walked up to the elevator and pushed the button. The walls parted, she stepped inside into a little room, and they closed. The boy and his father watched as the small numbers above the doors slowly lit up, one at a time, until they reached the end, then began to light in the other direction.

Finally the walls opened up again, and out stepped a beautiful young woman.

The father nudged his son and whispered, “Go get your mother.”


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  1. David King on July 12th, 2007 6:35 pm

    Does it work on boys too?
    I could use me some of that.

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