No Council This Week!

August 6, 2007, 12:00 pm; posted by
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You must wait another week to get the Council’s determination of the worst villain in history, but until then, you can amuse and educate yourself by perusing our past caselaw!

April 23Sasquatch likely does NOT exist
April 30Alcohol is the most dangerous drug
May 7Dinner is the best meal of the day
May 14Walking is the best form of transportation
May 21 — The best time of day is late afternoon/early evening
May 28 — No ruling on best invention
June 4Australia would be our home outside the US
June 11 — No ruling on finest form of human expression
June 18 — No ruling on our last meal
June 25 — No ruling on the world’s most troubling issue
July 2Water is the most beautiful part of the country
July 9 — There is quite probably life on other planets
July 16 — The Apostle Paul was the most influential non-divine person of all time
July 30 — No ruling on what specific thing to eliminate from the world


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