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August 2, 2007, 12:00 pm; posted by
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Someone asked me the other day why I had such a “thing” about Islam. She’d probably noticed my Council submissions, where I wanted to eliminate “the false and dangerous religion of Islam” from the earth and designated “the growing specter of radical Islam” the most dangerous issue facing the world. Perhaps she also remembered my earlier post about Iran. Whatever sparked the question, I was happy to answer, because it’s no secret at all.

Let me quickly tell you about it.

1 — Radical Islam is a drastic threat to Western civilization.
Aging atheist hedonists don’t reproduce; it’s against their, uh, “religion.” And more and more, that’s how to describe the people of Europe, once-devout birthplace of the Reformation and home to so many heroes of the faith. The combination of low birth rates and liberal social policies have created a political vacuum that’s being rapidly filled by Muslims. They don’t assimilate; they stay in tight enclaves and choose their own religious values over the very principles of tolerance that have allowed them to so flourish. Many wish to impose religious sharia law within their communities in Europe. And within the next twenty to fifty years, they will probably reach majority status.

2 — Radical Islam is the dominant force in the religion.
I like the Muslims I have met and know. Some would disagree with this, but I believe there’s nothing inherent in Islam that makes it more dangerous than any other religion. It’s false to be sure, and Mohammed himself provided an early example of the now-popular “convert or die” tactic, but properly understood, it can be a peaceful religion centered on submission to God. The problem is that the radicals are the ones reproducing themselves, both biologically and ideologically, and youths — especially those disaffected and poor — seem to be drawn to extremes.

3 — The West is ignoring the problem.
Have you heard about the South Korean missionaries being held captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan? Probably not, if your only source of news is the major networks or papers. 23 missionaries, sent there on short-term medical or humanitarian missions, have been kidnapped. Two have been killed and the group vows to kill the rest, 17 of whom are women, one by one, until their demands are met. (Of course their demands, in the end, would lead to the same result — conversion or death.) But America’s outrage is all used up on dogfighting, and our perpetual proponents of forced tolerance and understanding are strangely quiet. See, the imposition of political correctness only works on the polite.

So there’s a brief outline of my ‘thing’ about Islam. What do you think?


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