Ask Bweinh! Poll — Most Trusted Occupation

September 24, 2007, 10:30 am; posted by
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This edition of the Ask Bweinh! poll is sponsored by Air Transat — the worst airline in the world!

Just listen to what one satisfied customer said: “We have just returned from flying Air Transat — never again! No legroom, uncomfortable seats, and miserable cabin crew. The food was diabolical! . . . Air Transat is a cheap but not cheerful airline.”

Air Transat! We pass the suffering on to you!

The most trusted occupations in the world appear below!

Rank Occupation Points
1. Minister 28
2. Doctor 21
3. Teacher 12
4. Fireman 9
5. Policeman 8
6. Chef/Cook 7
7-12 (tie) Copier Salesman; Dentist; Soldier; Cab Driver; Pilot; Psychiatrist/Counselor 5
Other Mailman; FDA Administrator; Judge; Mover; Truck Driver; Librarian; Computer Tech; Lawyer; Governess; Bank Teller; Skydive Instructor; Taxidermist; Secretary; ebGames employee; WalMart greeter; Financial Advisor; Soda Jerk 1-4


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