Ask Bweinh! Poll — 2008 Candidates (#4)

January 7, 2008, 5:00 pm; posted by
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Today’s Ask Bweinh! poll is brought to you by C-Span, which has asked us to remind you that today at 1 pm, they will be airing a riveting speech by Nancy A. Nord, acting chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, on “major product safety challenges.”

C-Span! Feel the power!

Four months after our last poll and one day before the New Hampshire primary, we return to the question of our next leader!

Rank Candidate Points Previous
1. Fred Thompson 26 (2) 1, 7, NR
2. John McCain 26 (1) 5, Other
3. Mike Huckabee 24 4, 4, 6
4. Mitt Romney 23 3, 1, 1
5. Alan Keyes 13 NR
6. Rudolph Giuliani 11 NR
7. Barack Obama 9 Other, 5, Other
8-9 (tie) Dennis Kucinich; John Edwards 5 NR; 6, NR, 7
10. Duncan Hunter 4 Other, 10, NR
Other Hillary Clinton; Bill Richardson 1, 3 NR


11 Comments to “Ask Bweinh! Poll — 2008 Candidates (#4)”

  1. Steve on January 7th, 2008 1:51 am

    Four points, of decreasing importance —

    1. Mike wasn’t able to participate; if and when he does, I think the middle of the poll will switch around a bit.

    2. Job straight up didn’t participate; I put in Huckabee as his #1 and Thompson as his #2, but didn’t deign to guess the rest.

    3. I can’t stand Mike Huckabee.

    4. I didn’t vote for Alan Keyes.

  2. Tom Maxon on January 7th, 2008 3:06 pm

    Thompson pulled it out. Nice.

  3. Steve on January 7th, 2008 5:21 pm

    I got the rest of Job’s answers and it made things even tighter at the top.

  4. James' on January 7th, 2008 11:21 pm

    Take a look at the beautiful numbers,

    Mike Huckabee is leading nationally now in the RealClearPolitics national average.

    I think he will do 3rd or 2nd in NH. And then I think he will win almost everywhere else… he already is. They don’t have it on the main page, but Huck has Texas, Georgia and Florida too.


  5. Steve on January 8th, 2008 12:22 am

    Second in New Hampshire, eh? How’s that KoolAid?

  6. James' on January 8th, 2008 1:50 pm

    We will see the results soon my friend… very soon.


  7. David on January 8th, 2008 2:16 pm

    Sorry Steve, Huck’s my man if he can stay viable. Like anyone who actually wins an election he’ll find that all his crazier stuff will get bogged down by the partisan bickering checks and balance machinery and we will just have the benefit of a godly man at the top of the heap trying to do what he thinks is right.

  8. Steve on January 8th, 2008 3:09 pm

    I cannot understand.

    The problem with Mike Huckabee is not really the ‘fair tax,’ which I totally agree will be dead on arrival. The problem with Mike Huckabee is that he does not have conservative principles on a full range of issues.

    I have little to no problem with the man’s position on social issues, and he certainly seems like a fine Christian. But for the love of God — and I use that exclamation literally — this is not enough!! Not when he raised taxes by a net $500 million in a southern state, not when he seems divinely inspired to seek continued expansions in the role of government, and not when he speaks in cliches and non sequiturs about the most important issue of our time: foreign policy and our fight against Muslim extremists.

    Jimmy Carter was a godly man. Did you vote for him? Because when he did what he thought was right, we ended up with double-digit unemployment and a foreign policy disaster.

  9. Steve on January 8th, 2008 3:23 pm

    And just so James will stop claiming I “over-generalize” Huckabee’s often inch-deep positions, here’s a few quotes and links.

    “The total net tax increase under Huckabee’s tenure was an estimated $505.1 million, says the Department of Finance and Administration’s Whitney McLaughlin, adding that the figure has been adjusted for inflation.” —’s information on Huck’s economic record. Read the whole report here.

    “Much like a top high school student, if [the US] is modest about its abilities and achievements, if it is generous in helping others, it is loved. But if it attempts to dominate others, it is despised. American foreign policy needs to change its tone and attitude, open up, and reach out. The Bush administration’s arrogant bunker mentality has been counterproductive at home and abroad.” — Huckabee, comparing our president to a 10th-grade bully. Read his article here.

    “Free trade has to be fair trade. We are losing jobs because of an unlevel, unfair trading arena that has to be fixed. Behind the statistics, there are real families, real lives, and real pain. I’m running for President because I don’t want people who have worked loyally for a company for 20 or 30 years to walk in one morning and be handed a pink slip and be told, ‘I’m sorry, but everything you spent your life working for is no longer here.'” — Huck, sounding like John Edwards on the economy.

    And one more: “Part of the reason prices are low is that subsidies keep production at high levels, so keeping American farmers in business is not just good for them but for all of us. We must continue subsidies because our farmers compete with highly subsidized farmers in Europe and Asia, and they face fixed costs (land, equipment, seed, supplies) whether or not they produce a crop. ” — Huck SUPPORTING farm subsidies and (elsewhere) similar protectionist, anti-free-market measures.

    Mitt Romney has problems on other issues, and if you honestly can’t vote for him because he’s a Mormon, then I’m not here to argue you into it.

    I just hate that evangelicals are stampeding to the side of a socially conservative, fiscally liberal, economically populist, foreign-policy inept, small-state governor-preacher. And why? Because he’s funny and plays the bass and talks about Jesus??

    You don’t need to choose Romney. I’m personally just as happy with Thompson.

    But I am pleading with you — with Christians in general — not to be fooled by Mike Huckabee.

    CAVEAT: Little of this applies if any of you actually agree with Mr. Huckabee that the federal government should have a larger role in “making trade fair” or protecting us from the spectre of trans fats and unhealthy food. He is the candidate of the ‘religious left’ and if you feel that label accurately describes you, enjoy.

  10. David on January 9th, 2008 9:53 pm

    Wow. I did vote for carter once. He lost that time though.

  11. mc-b on January 11th, 2008 3:17 pm

    Wow! A Thompson win! Alert the media!

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