Quote of the Day, 1/15/08

January 15, 2008, 7:00 am; posted by
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“I am not attempting to be exonerated because I meet your standard of reasonableness, because first of all I don’t care what your standard of reasonableness is . . . I don’t grant you at all the right to sit in judgment of whether or not I’m reasonable. I’ll grant that to my advertisers, I’ll grant that to my readers, I’ll grant that to friends and people in the social society who may marginalize me or shun me if I’m too rude . . . I will suffer the penalties of civil society, I will suffer the marginalization of polite company . . . I will suffer that from my fellow man voluntarily, but I do not grant to you or any other instrument of the state the right to tell me whether or not I am reasonable enough to pass your test.”E. Levant


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