Joke of the Day, 2/19/08

February 19, 2008, 7:00 am; posted by
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Two older women were out collecting for charity one afternoon when they came to the house of an infamous miser. Praying under their breath, they knocked on the door and smiled as the man opened it.

“Hello, sir, we’re here to ask you to give to the Foundation for Chil –”

“You want ME to donate money to you?!,” the man thundered.

“Why, yes,” one woman squeaked. “We should all take care of those less fortunate.”

“Less fortunate?,” he yelled in reply. “I’ll tell you a thing or two about the less fortunate! I have a mother who is blind and shivering in a home for the aged! I have a sister with four young, fatherless children that desperately need to eat! I have a brother who lost his legs in a die press, a cousin who was mauled by bears, and two adult sons with palsy of the hands! I know all about the less fortunate!”

The ladies were stunned. “We — we didn’t know,” one said.

The man continued. “And if I don’t give money to any of them, what makes you think I’d give any to you??”


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