Human Hearts

March 20, 2008, 4:30 pm; posted by
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To be a human being is to be a failure. To have been born of woman and lived among men is to have been spawned and nurtured by a fallen race; a race that could not abide in its original position of favor with the Almighty God of the universe, but rather, was overcome by sin and fleshly temptations.

In many respects it is an exercise in futility. Even as Christians we serve a God who commands us to be like him and supplies us with His Holy Spirit to accomplish such an end — sending His own Son to die on the cross to remove our sin, so as to make the whole thing possible! And yet it seems impossible, for we continue to sin after we are saved, we still fall short of his expectations.

God tells us in Peter\’s first epistle: “Be ye holy, even as I am holy.” Jesus tells His disciples that if they love one another, even as He loved them, then the world will know that they are His disciples. John repeated this, saying, “He that sayeth he believeth in Him ought also so to walk, even as He Himself walked.” Men, called to live like God; we can\’t even live like men.

There are days that I take comfort in the fact that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Sometimes it helps to know that my brothers and sisters deal with all the weight of sins that Paul said “so easily beset us” — but not today. Today it only increases my distress to know that there is no one beyond the siren call of sin and carnality. The only man who ever lived above the fray, and pleased His heavenly Father, was Jesus.

My only hope is to cling to Him — with all the desperation that the human heart can feel — and to trust that His blood will cover me, and bid the avenging angel to pass over this hovel, and let God be pleased to spare the miserable creature inside.


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