Joke of the Day, 4/8/08

April 8, 2008, 7:00 am; posted by
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A well-dressed businessman walked into a bar.

“What can I get you?,” asked the bartender. “A glass of 20-year-old Scotch,” he answered. The bartender brought him the drink, but after a sip, the man spat it out. “This is 13-year-old Scotch! How dare you insult me with inferior Scotch?!”

The bartender apologized, explaining that the bar didn’t have any 20-year-old Scotch, and he had thought the man wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. “Well, then, bring me some 15-year-old bourbon,” the man replied, but when he had a drink, he spat it out again. “This is 11-year-old Bourbon!” The situation repeated itself with his next request, a 30-year-old bottle of port wine.

Finally, an old drunk at the end of the bar called the bartender down. Handing a glass to the bartender, he said, “Give this to the well-dressed man and tell him it’s on me.” The bartender did so, and the man took a sip. Wincing, he spat it out. “Yuck!,” he yelled. “This tastes like urine!”

“It is,” replied the old drunk. “Now how old am I?”


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