My Words

April 18, 2008, 9:26 am; posted by
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Bweinh! celebrates National Poetry Month.

I write these words today and hope that they are true
true to the purpose
of living here for You

And I long for eloquence to break the gravity
breaking with tradition
to soar with levity

And somewhere in heaven perhaps they’ll find a home
mixed with the prayers of saints
who suffered here alone

But my words are limited in what they might become
a prayer, a song, a monologue,
a sonnet to the Son

While your words are powerful though ever so reserved
dropped from heaven sparingly
till all the earth is served

But my words are all I have, thoughts cast into stone
settled on a point of view
and lifted to your throne

I only hope they’re purified passing through the cloud
purged from their insolence
before they’re heard aloud


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