217 Words on Marriage

June 13, 2008, 4:00 pm; posted by
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I have heard marriage described as agreeing to spend your life in a room that is too warm with a person who thinks it is too cold. It\’s also agreeing to drink weak coffee with someone who thinks it\’s too strong; spending a third of your life in a bed that’s too soft with someone who thinks it\’s too hard; having to be too hard on your children while she is being too soft — or vice versa.

Marriage is compromise — but the good kind, not the bad. When Paul wrote, “He who is unmarried cares for the things of the Lord ”” how he may please the Lord. But he who is married cares about the things of the world ”” how he may please his wife,” he wasn\’t being critical. He was just being honest.

After 26 years of successful marriage I think I can safely say: “He who is married and cares not for how he may please his wife, will soon enough be spending his days fishing, drowning his sorrows alongside other unmarried saps, whining about how impossible women are to live with.” The most ridiculous advice I have ever received about how to be a “real man around my house” consistently came from men whose wives fled long ago.

Viva le wimp!


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