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Two men, Jed and Chuck, are sitting on the side of a highway. Jed turns to Chuck and says, “I know everybody.” Chuck shakes his head. “Everybody? I bet you don’t know Tom Cruise.” Jed shrugs. “I know Tom Cruise.”

So they drive to L.A. and find Tom Cruise’s mansion. They knock on the door, Tom Cruise answers, and he says, “Jed, my man! What is cookin’?” Chuck is stunned. As they walk away, Chuck asks, “Well, do you know the President?” Jed smiles. “Oh, I know the President.”

So they drive to D.C. and find the White House. They knock on the door, the President comes over, and he says, “Ol’ Jeddie! I’ve been thinkin’ about you lately! Let’s hang out!” At this point, Chuck is bewildered. After thinking for a while, he finally comes up with a man Jed wouldn’t know.

“Jed, you don’t know the Pope, do you?”

“Chuck, the Pope and I are bosom buddies. We go way back.”

So they fly to Rome and head into the Vatican City. While wandering around the square, they get separated, and Chuck hears a ruckus off to his left. He looks up and sees the Pope on his porch, with Jed at his right hand, holding his scepter. Both men are smiling widely and gesturing to the growing crowd.

Suddenly a man taps on Chuck’s shoulder. “Do you speak English?”

“Yes,” Chuck responds.

“Who’s that old guy up there with Jed?”


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