The Council’s Ruling — Greatest Wonder of the World

July 14, 2008, 12:00 pm; posted by
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This and every Monday, the Bweinh!tributors, having convened in secret for hours of reasoned debate and consideration, will issue a brief and binding ruling on an issue of great societal import.

This week’s question — What is the greatest wonder of the world?

Steve delivers the ruling of the Council, joined by Kaitlin, David, and MC-B:

A network of computers and people with the potential to instantly connect anyone anywhere on the planet: the Internet.


Tom dissents, joined by Djere:

The Colossus of Rhodes. A statue big enough to stand astride a harbor? Sign me up.


Djere dissents, joined by Erin:

Machu Picchu — a site with an amazing history, amazing infrastructure, amazing architecture… amazing everything. And it was all created without the wheel!


Josh dissents:

The Pyramids. I just can’t fathom how they got there.


Chloe dissents:

Bweinh! Because it combines a whole bunch of great stuff with greater people and it’s really great.


Connie dissents:

Babies. The more I learn about them, the more I am in awe of God’s design.


Job and Mike played no part in the determination of this issue.

Next time: At what price did (or will) gasoline become “too expensive”?


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