The Council’s Ruling — Portion of a Song

September 2, 2008, 12:00 pm; posted by
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This and every Monday, the Bweinh!tributors, having convened in secret for hours of reasoned debate and consideration, will issue a brief and binding ruling on an issue of great societal import.

This week’s question — What part of a song most affects whether you will like it?

Kaitlin delivers the ruling of the Council, joined by David, Chloe, and Steve:

Sound is paramount. Music is about emotion, and the feeling that a song creates constitutes its main value.


Job dissents, joined by Connie and Erin:

The bridge, because it’s where a lot of artists either express or fake their talent.


Erin dissents, joined by Mike:

The lyrics — are they cheesy? Do they try to take themselves too seriously? Then I probably won’t like the song.


Tom dissents:

The melody. I’ve heard ridiculous lyrics that I’ve enjoyed listening to, and poignant ones I’ll ignore every time.


MCB, Josh, and Djere played no part in the determination of this issue.

Next time: Given the benefit of hindsight, was the war in Iraq worth its cost — and why?


1 Comment to “The Council’s Ruling — Portion of a Song”

  1. David M. on September 2nd, 2008 12:34 pm

    It must have “COW BELL”

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