Quote of the Day, 12/23/08

December 23, 2008, 7:00 am; posted by
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“It’s taken for granted that our bodies mature much earlier than our great-grandparents so we all need access to condoms and abortion by fifth grade, but apparently our minds need longer than ever, and in some cases until early middle age. So we enter adolescence much sooner and leave it a decade or more later.

“Right now, to put my demography hat on, the western world has a possibly terminal shortage of children. One reason it does is because the fellows on whom society traditionally depends for child-rearing — young adults — are staying in school until their mid-twenties and embarking on grown-up life ever later, if at all. Thirty percent of German women are childless; among university graduates, it’s 40 percent. The pursuit of a 100 percent college-educated populace is a recipe for societal suicide.”M. Steyn


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