What Is Bweinh?

Bweinh! is:

—   An evangelical Christian gallimaufry of fact and opinion
—   Your premier source for Chick Tract quizzes
—   Inspired by, although not officially affiliated with, Houghton College
—   Your companion through the Bible, obscure and familiar passages alike
—   Named after rhythmic French rap slang
—   The source of a new joke or quote, every dang (week)day
—   Very hard to pronounce
—   A site you should bookmark right now

Bweinh! is not:

—   Your mother or your maid, so please pick up after yourself and scrape your own dishes
—   Conventional
—   A crook
—   Ready to commit just yet, but still thinks you’re totally a great person, and will still hang out this weekend if you want. Just call tomorrow.

Bweinh! might be:

—   The best thing that ever happened to you
—   Your worst nightmare
—   Wanted in Oklahoma
—   Standing behind you right now. Just waiting. Biding its time. Waiting.

Now that you know a little more about the site, why not go ahead and introduce yourself to our vast array of contributors here?