The Council’s Ruling — Worst Year

February 17, 2009, 2:20 pm; posted by
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At various times, the Bweinh!tributors, having convened in secret for hours of reasoned debate and consideration, will issue a brief and binding ruling on an issue of great societal import.

This week’s question — Who has had the worst 2009 thus far?

Djere delivers the ruling of the Council, joined by Steve and David:

Whether he knows it or not, Blagojevich. Enough already, pal. Enough lying, enough bribery, enough hair. And hopefully, it’s just going to get worse for him.


Steve concurs in the result, joined by David:

Blagojevich. Others have had a bad year, but only one man is a national punchline for his actions AND his appearance.


Connie concurs in the result:

Blago — and I’m pretty sure it’s only going downhill from here.


Job dissents:

Marcus Schrenker. His business went off a cliff, his wife filed for divorce, he was indicted on federal charges, he unsuccessfully and spectacularly failed at faking his death in a plane “crash” — and endured it all in a bruisingly public way.


Tom dissents:

Bernard Madoff. If the recession were a god, he would be its avatar.


MC-B, Josh, Mike, and Kaitlin played no part in the determination of this issue.


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