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Bweinh! currently has ten (10) contributors — they include college students, ministers, attorneys, and scientists — vastly different in many ways, but united by a shared faith in a gracious God.

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Kaitlin says:
I am an undergraduate student at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, an aspiring editor pursuing a degree in literature. I work in the campus library, as a TA, and on the school newspaper as copy editor. I read and I write. My life is a constant pursuit of the right words, and through this, the Word.

Kaitlin Barr was born in San Diego, raised in Cleveland, and finished in Hemet, Calif. She has an irrational fear of saying something she’ll regret, which is countered only by her fear of neglecting to say something. She prefers the Oxford comma.


Job says:
I used to most value of myself the fevered desire and lack of taste I had to put every flavor of soda in the same cup, at the same time, whenever my parents would take us to Burger King.

I was all business about my chaos.

But now I am old; and I value of myself, more than anything else, the salvation given me by the Lord Jesus. And a love for Him that will always rally, allowing even this hardest of hearts to rise to the occasion.

My Faith is not ambiance. I am all business about my Faith.

Job Tate is a native of Washington, D.C., a graduate of Houghton College, and a resident of Vermont.

So much soda, so little time.




Tom says:
Tom, once described as a “festival for the senses,” was born in the tumultuous mid-eighties, and began losing his hair shortly thereafter.

Tom Maxon lives in upstate New York, and his varied interests include haiku, microbiology, awkward hugs, and amateur dentistry.


Josh says:
I am a Salvationist, bleeding red, yellow and blue (though the views I express no more officially represent the Salvation Army than every Catholic speaks for the Pope).

I am an avid sports fan. I would concede I am somewhat opinionated, while insisting I am highly rational. My laughter is legendary.

Josh Jones makes his home on Staten Island, N.Y.




Steve says:
I’m interested in almost everything this side of Paris Hilton, and one of my favorite things to do in the entire world is read insightful, intelligent and entertaining commentary, debate and humor. I have found this group of people uniquely qualified to provide it. So in some ways, this website is an exercise in my own self-indulgence, and I simply ask you to join me on the ride and see where we end up.

I’m a brand-new attorney, a committed Christian, a conservative Republican, an ardent sports fan, a guitarist/singer, a devotee of Lost, a lover of pizza, a champion at driving standard, and above all, tall and thin.

Steve Maxon currently lives in Rochester, N.Y., where he has made a profitable hobby out of staying on the correct side of Paris Hilton.


Djere says:
Djere Maxon: Hazardous Material Identification System

Health Hazard: 4 — Life-threatening, major or permanent damage may result from single or repeated overexposure.

Flammability Hazard: 1 — Must be preheated before ignition will occur, but flammable.

Physical Hazard: 1 — Normally stable but can become unstable at high temperatures and pressures. Material may react violently in the presence of stupidity.

Personal Protection: K — Air Line Mask or Hood, Gloves, Full Suit, Boots.

Married on May 3rd, 2008, Djere and Official Wife Karen reside in the wrong part of Watertown, N.Y. He will be your hero for a dollar.



Mike says:
I’m the pastor of Exton Community Baptist Church, halfway between Philadelphia and Lancaster, PA. I’m a ’99 graduate of Houghton College, and an ’02 grad of Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (now known as Palmer Seminary). I am now in school again at Drew University in New Jersey, working on a degree in Liturgical Studies — the history and theology of Christian worship.

My wife Jill is a mathematician and we’ve been married close on eight years now; we have a daughter, Grace, born in April 2006, and a son, Jack, born in July 2008.

If I could pass every evening watching Phillies baseball, reading First Things (a magazine I love), and eating Breyers mint chocolate chip ice cream, I’d gladly do so…

Rev. Michael Jordan makes his home in southeastern Pennsylvania.



MC-B says:
I’m currently a college student living in upstate New York, double-majoring in government and economics. I chose these fields after learning that both provide great avenues to take money from people who earned it and either give it away to others or hoard it all personally. Guard your credit card information carefully while surfing Bweinh.com.

In all seriousness, I enjoy my relationship with God, politics, philosophy, and many of the other finer things in life, although not fine wines. I am a conservative Independent with some Democratic leanings, which places me in the minority both at Bweinh! and within my preferred party.

Michael Crankshaw-Bierce lives in different places at different times, switching regularly between Canton, Watertown, and Sackets Harbor, N.Y. This could be due to his many commitments, or simple paranoia.


Connie says:
I’m a pastor’s wife and church secretary from Northernmostest NY — you can see Canada from here. I’m the mother of six exceptional children (fathered by one most exceptional husband), at least three of whom you readers know very well.

My passions are dictated by Jesus Christ, and have been since I gave Him my heart at the age of 20. That was the age when I knew everything and it was all black or all white. But after walking with Him and learning from Him for almost 29 years, I’ve learned to listen to Him and not worry so much about the black and white rules.

I love because He first loved me, but since I can’t do it nearly as well, I try a bit harder.

Mercy and grace…

Connie Maxon can be found in upstate N.Y.




Dave says:
David Sweet is the literary creation of noted author and scholar Wallace P. MacSweet. MacSweet, known as “the last of the great Scottish authors,” first introduced the Sweet character in a series of allegorical sketches, presented in sestina form in the London Times between March, 1969 and December, 1971.

Since retiring from his position as rector of St. Cecelia’s Abbey in Christchurch, MacSweet has become a virtual recluse, communicating solely through his character — a copier salesman born in Hollywood, Florida in 1961, but raised in New York. Southerners in MacSweet’s sestinas call Sweet a jack-leg preacher, and as a self-styled “Apostle to the Ignorant,” he attempts to turn the inhabitants of the Bible Belt from their dark religious error to the glorious light of the Word.

David Sweet resides in Alabama.


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