Quote of the Day, 3/12/08

March 12, 2008, 7:00 am; posted by
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“All seem to have a part of truth and a part of error and each espies the error of others and fails to see his own. May God in his mercy enable us without obstinacy to perceive our errors.” — M. Servetus


3 Comments to “Quote of the Day, 3/12/08”

  1. MIke J on March 12th, 2008 2:37 pm

    BURN THIS MAN!!! :)

  2. David on March 13th, 2008 9:33 am

    You’re too late.

  3. David on March 13th, 2008 9:35 am

    …wait, maybe not….the Catholics dug up Wycliffes bones like 13 years after he died or seomthing and burned them, I guess it’s never too late.

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