The Council’s Ruling — Most Pleasant Month of the Year

July 7, 2008, 12:00 pm; posted by
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This and every Monday, the Bweinh!tributors, having convened in secret for hours of reasoned debate and consideration, will issue a brief and binding ruling on an issue of great societal import.

This week’s question — What is the most pleasant month of the year?

Tom delivers the ruling of the Council, joined by Kaitlin and Steve:

May. Warm, but not scorching. Verdant, but not soaked.


Chloe concurs, joined by Steve:

May — finals are over, the weather is fine, and there’s plenty of time for reading in the grass, wading in the creek, and watching movies at the drive-in.


Djere concurs:

May 1-7 usually contain the first enjoyable week of spring while May 24-31 brings the first reliable taste of summer. College is done for the year and it’s a great time to be alive.


MC-B concurs:

May; the temperature is just right and the summer still lies ahead!


Erin dissents, joined by Connie and David:

October. The temperatures are perfect, no insane holiday rushes, beautiful fall colors, etc.


Mike dissents, joined by Josh:

September; sheer weather perfection.


Job played no part in the determination of this issue.

Next time: What is the greatest wonder of the world?


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