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Polls : Bweinh!

Best of the Polls — The 12 Days of Christmas

12/19/2008, 10:45 am -- by | No Comments

Which of the famous gifts in the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ song would we like to receive?

Rank Gift Points
1. 5 golden rings 35
2. 6 geese-a-laying 19
3-4 (tie) 3 French hens; 9 ladies dancing 16
5. 10 lords-a-leaping 14
6. 11 pipers piping 9
7. 8 maids-a-milking 7
8. 4 calling birds 6
9. 12 drummers drumming 5
10. 2 turtle doves 4
Other 7 swans-a-swimming; a partridge in a pear tree 2

Ask Bweinh! Poll — Cheese

03/17/2008, 10:15 am -- by | No Comments

Today’s — perhaps the last — Ask Bweinh! poll is brought to you by our longsuffering patron, Air Transat. The worst airline in the world, bar none!

One last satisfied customer writes:

“I objected to paying what would be an extra £60 for a service most other airlines can provide without payment. The representative cut me off . . . Frankly, I don’t believe them, but I can’t afford to take the chance . . . It’s little short of blackmail. Air Transat will get that extra £60 but it comes at the cost of my never flying with them again irrespective of the service.”

Air Transat — it’s little short of blackmail!

Here’s the world’s best cheese!

Rank Cheese Points
1. Mozzarella 28
2. Extra Sharp Cheddar 24
3. Provolone 15
4. American 12
5. Red Leicester 9
6. Swiss 8
7. Cream Cheese 7
8-11 (tie) Muenster; Irish Cheddar; Havarti; Cheddar 5
Other Mature English Cheddar; Brie; Bleu; Mild Cheddar; Pepper Jack; Smoked Cheddar; Colby Jack; Sharp Cheddar; Gouda; Cheez Whiz; Colby; Ricotta; Cheez Whiz; Feta; Parmesan; Hunter Jack; Head 1-4


Ask Bweinh! Poll — Clothes

03/13/2008, 10:00 am -- by | 1 Comment

Today’s Ask Bweinh! poll is sponsored by the National Invitation Tournament, America’s longest-running postseason basketball tournament! 71 years of second-best!

The best clothes that exist —

Rank Clothes Points
1. T-Shirts 17
2. Shorts 16
3-4 (tie) Heavy Socks; Pants 10
5-6 (tie) Scarves; Shoes 9
7. Jeans 8
8. Sweaters 6
9-10 (tie) Hats; Hoodies 5
Other Baseball Caps; Sandals; Medieval Festival Costumes; Turtlenecks; Brian St. Laurent Silk Cravat; Underwear; Accessories; Long-Sleeve T; Purple Bra; Skirts; Louis D’Orieo Black Heelguards; Comfy Lounge Pants; Sweatshirts; Suspenders; Birthday Suit; Summer Dresses; Suits; Running Shoes; Gloves 1


Ask Bweinh! Poll — Rooms of a House

03/10/2008, 10:00 am -- by | 4 Comments

Today’s Ask Bweinh! poll is made possible by antibiotics! Saving our lives in the 20th century; ending them in the 21st!

Here are the tip-top rooms in a house!

Rank Room Points
1. Living Room 21
2. Kitchen 19
3-4 (tie) Library; Bedroom 14
5. Screened-in porch 9
6-7 (tie) Den; Bathroom 7
8. Sunroom 5
9. Family Room 3
10-11 (tie) Office; Dining Room 2
Other “Anything with a window seat”; Foyer 1


Ask Bweinh! Poll — Precipitation

02/28/2008, 10:30 am -- by | No Comments

Today’s Ask Bweinh! poll is brought to you by the GEM operating system — a wonderful graphical interface that you can still install today!

If something has to fall from the sky, here’s what we’d prefer.

Rank Precipitation Points
1. Snow 23
2. Rain 18
3. Hail 15
4-5 (tie) Mist; Sleet 7
6. “Cats and Dogs” 4
7-8 (tie) Drizzle; Freezing Rain 3
9-11 (tie) Wintry Mix; Fog; Hard Rain 2


Ask Bweinh! Poll — Donuts

02/25/2008, 10:00 am -- by | 1 Comment

Today’s Ask Bweinh! poll is brought to you by the letter W and the number 8.

And Desenex.

The most delicious donuts in the world appear below!! Or, at least, their names.

Rank Donuts Points
1. Apple Cider 19
2. Chocolate Glazed 12
3. Boston Creme 10
4-5 (tie) Peanut; Powdered Cinnamon 8
6-7 (tie) Apple Fritter; Krispy Kreme Glazed 7
8-12 (tie) Devil’s Food; Long John w/yellow custard; Vanilla Frosted; Cream; Custard-filled 5
Other Orange Glazed; Blueberry; Cinnamon Roll; Toasted Coconut; Bismarck; Chocolate Sprinkle; Sour Cream Glazed; Chocolate Cake; Maple Walnut; Chocolate and Vanilla; Maple Frosted; Jelly; Powdered Sugar; Glazed; Chocolate Creme; Lemon; Plain Cake 1-4


Ask Bweinh! Poll — Animals to Eat

02/21/2008, 10:00 am -- by | No Comments

Today’s Ask Bweinh! poll is brought to you by our hosting company, whose reliability I have never before had cause to question, but who is walking a dangerous line indeed.

Need help choosing an animal to eat? Here’s the list!

Rank Animals Points
1. Cow 42
2. Chicken 34
3. Pig 28
4. Shrimp 16
5. Turkey 10
6-7 (tie) Crab; Emu 5
8-9 (tie) Mussel; Ant 4
10-11 (tie) Codfish; Quail 3
Other Deer; Elk; Scallops; Fish; Duck; Tilapia; Rabbit 1-2


Ask Bweinh! Poll — Cookies

02/18/2008, 10:00 am -- by | No Comments

Today’s Ask Bweinh! poll is brought to you by Air Transat: the worst airline in the world!!

Here’s what one customer had to say —

“My husband and I had the most horrific experience of our lives taking Air Transat from Paris back to Toronto. . . [after going to the wrong terminal because of a mistake on the ticket], we were 5 minutes past the boarding cutoff time, which meant the flight didn’t leave until another 40 minutes. We begged them just to push us through as it wasn’t that busy, but they refused. . . [W]e had to pay approximately $500 more to get to Montreal, which was 6 hours away from our destination, and we had to sleep at the airport for 24 hours as we didn’t have any money left for a hotel.”

Air Transat! Your money or your life!!

Here are the best cookies in the world.

Rank Cookies Points
1. Chocolate Chip 31
2. Oreo 15
3. Monster 13
4. White Chocolate Macadamia 12
5. Oatmeal Raisin 9
6. Molasses 7
7-10 (tie) Cheryl & Co.; Raisin Oatmeal Creme; Sugar; Keebler Thin Mints 5
Other Spellbinders; Chloe’s Oatmeal Coconut Chocolate Chip; Keebler Chips Deluxe; Chocolate White Chocolate; Peanut Butter; Butterscotch Chip Pudding; Fig Newtons; Peanut Clusters; Double Chocolate Chip; Hermit Bars; Chocolate Peanut Butter; Chocolate No-Bake; Buckeyes; Snickerdoodles; Vanilla Wafers; Judy’s Christmas Cookies 1-4


Ask Bweinh! Poll — Pizza Toppings (#2)

02/14/2008, 10:00 am -- by | No Comments

Today’s Ask Bweinh! poll is brought to you by “love.” “Love” — patient, kind and modest. Try it today!

Time to crown a new king of the pizza!

Rank Toppings Points
1. Sausage 23
2. Pepperoni 18
3. Extra Cheese 13
4. Mushrooms 9
5. Pineapple 7
6. Green Peppers 5
7-10 (tie) Bacon and Bleu Cheese; Bacon; Buffalo Wing Sauce; Buffalo Chicken 4
Other Olives; Ham; Garlic; Anchovies; Red Peppers; Canadian Bacon; Green Chile 1-3


Ask Bweinh! Poll — ‘Big Box’ Stores

02/12/2008, 9:00 am -- by | 1 Comment

A day late, today’s Ask Bweinh! poll is sponsored by the reason for our tardiness: WINC Communications, which is about one more multi-day outage from earning Air Transat status.

Here are our favorite massive stores! Adam Smith be praised!

Rank Stores Points
1. Wal*Mart 19
2. Target 18
3. Barnes & Noble 16
4. Sam’s Club 14
5. Lowe’s 12
6-7 (tie) Borders; Best Buy 8
8. Circuit City 6
9-10 (tie) Old Navy; BJ’s 5
Other Staples; Mike’s Bargain Store; JC Penney; Hobby Lobby; Meiger; Autozone; Home Depot; Ikea; Kohl’s; Aldi 1-4


Ask Bweinh! Poll — Books of the Bible (#2)

02/7/2008, 10:30 am -- by | 6 Comments

Today’s Ask Bweinh! poll is sponsored by Salman Rushdie, Shia Muslim-turned-atheist who receives a life-threatening Valentine each year from our tolerant friends in Iran!

Today we again examine our favorite books of the Bible. Last time we went with I Corinthians, but now we have a new and synoptic champion!

Rank Books Points
1. Luke 16
2-3 (tie) Matthew; Genesis 14
4. Romans 12
5-6 (tie) Psalms; I Corinthians 9
7-8 (tie) Acts; John 6
9-12 (tie) I Samuel; Colossians; Proverbs; Galatians 5
Other Isaiah; Jeremiah; Job; Hebrews; II Kings; Mark; Exodus; Esther; I Timothy; James; Ecclesiastes; Revelation; Colossians 1-4


Ask Bweinh! Poll — Dangerous Countries

02/4/2008, 10:15 am -- by | No Comments

Today’s Ask Bweinh! poll is brought to you by the letter D and the number 1.

Here are, apparently, either the most dangerous countries TO the world, or the most dangerous countries TO BE IN the world, depending on the interpretation of the answerer!

Rank Countries Points
1. Iran 26
2. China 20
3-4 (tie) North Korea; Pakistan 12
5-7 (tie) Egypt; Somalia; Kenya 5
8-11 (tie) Congo; Russia; Iraq; East Timor 4
Other Saudi Arabia; Trinidad and Tobago; Vatican City; Mexico; Venezuela; Syria; America; Israel; Canada 1-3


Ask Bweinh! Poll — Board Games (#2)

01/31/2008, 9:30 am -- by | No Comments

Today’s Ask Bweinh! poll is sponsored by Nintendo! It’s our second list of board games, and this time there’s a new leader!

Rank Game Points
1. Settlers of Catan 18
2. Scrabble 16
3. Cranium 15
4-5 (tie) Apples to Apples; Monopoly 12
6. Dictionary/Balderdash 8
7. Risk 6
8-11 (tie) Life; Parcheesi; Candy Land; Snakes (or Chutes) & Ladders 5
Other Age of Mythology; Trivial Pursuit; Chess; Wise and Otherwise; Encore; Stratego; Bethump’d; Clue; Aggravation; Oligopoly 1-4


Ask Bweinh! Poll — Sports (#2)

01/28/2008, 10:00 am -- by | No Comments

In today’s Ask Bweinh! poll, we return to the question of favorite sports, sponsored by AAMCO, who reminds you to be safe — trust the Midas touch.

Rank Sports Points
1. Football 27
2. Basketball 22
3. Baseball 20
4. Soccer 18
5. Hockey 12
6. Volleyball 8
6-7 (tie) Racquetball; Jai Alai 5
8-10 (tie) Golf; Tennis; Kayaking 3
Other Bullriding; Badminton; Kites; Pitch; MIFFLE (Midget Indoor Flag Football League); Bowling; Skiing; Dodgeball 1-2


Ask Bweinh! Poll — Restaurants

01/24/2008, 9:15 am -- by | 4 Comments

Today’s Ask Bweinh! poll is brought to you by Air Transat — the worst airline in the world!

Just listen to yet another thrilled guest: “I thought it was easily the worst flight I have ever taken. Service, seats, food — terrible. I would only consider Air Transat as a last resort. . .”

Air Transat: I still loathe you!

Our favorite chain restaurants, of any type —

Rank Restaurants Points
1-2 (tie) In-N-Out Burger; Olive Garden 10
3. Cici’s Pizza 7
4-5 (tie) KFC; Wendy’s 6
6-11 (tie) Pizza Hut; Applebee’s; Subway; Sonic; Longhorns; Ruby Tuesday 5
Other Chili’s; Chic-Fil-A; Texas Steakhouse; Bweinh.com; Claim Jumpers; Little Caesar’s; Bennigan’s; Dunkin Donuts; McDonald’s; Outback Steakhouse; TGI Friday’s; Village Inn; Logan’s Roadhouse; Holy Cats Monday; 99; Taco Bell; Burger King; Cracker Barrel; Wings Over; Denny’s 1-4


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