Bumper Stickers III

January 27, 2009, 12:00 am; posted by
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Driving around…
  Summary: Peace through . . . alien invasion?
In Other Words: I give up, ET! Do your worst! Please — take my ’99 Honda Civic!
Designed For: People who still think an alien head logo looks cool. People who still think a peace sign is trendy. People who like to get their surrendering out of the way super early.


  What Now?: The SUV didn’t seem higher than normal…
Leading Me to Wonder: Eyebrows, face, chest, or backside?
And If I Had a Nickel: For every time I’d asked that…

  Oh Good!: Snarky, unnecessarily combative bumper stickers are no longer the sole province of the left! We’re saved!
One-Sentence Summary: Please deface my station wagon!
Dirty Looks Per Drive: 25 (city), 35 (highway)
No, Susie, Don’t Be Silly: That nice man is just telling Mommy she’s number one!



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